Red Tail Hawk Sighting

The girls and I  decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day on Monday and went out for a stroll. About a mile into it, I looked up and spotted a Red Tail Hawk flying overhead. The bird came to rest in the trees above us long enough for me to snap a few photos. Maddie was so excited she jumped out of the stroller while it was still moving to take a peek.

Over lunch, I shared our sighting with Bret and he’d also seen several flying about. We had five tractors going in the fields yesterday to mow and chop down weeds and brush in every other vineyard row, so the hawks were temporarily displaced from their typical resting spot, sitting upon the vineyard wires…

Red Tail Hawk perches overhead.

Sister Love–Bella ambles along while Callie and Maddie walk together holding hands.
Our little fashionistas love to pick out their own outfits. Tutus and princess paraphernalia are high on the list!
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