Hoot! Hoot! Barn Owls Have a New Home at Munselle Vineyards.

Bret was busy building 10 new owl boxes last week.  They were placed in various spots around the ranches, at least 12 ft. high and facing towards the east to avoid the hot afternoon sun.  These owl “condos” are made of wood and stand two feet wide, by two feet tall, and one foot deep–perfectly-sized abodes for barn owls.

Why do we want to attract these creatures to the ranch?  Barn owls are estimated to consume one field mouse or gopher per night.  This helps control the populations of field mice and gophers naturally, and protects the vines’ root systems from permanent damage caused by rodents.  Besides that, our daughters, Maddie and Callie, are absolutely fascinated by the owls and their eyes are glued to the boxes every time we walk by in hopes of catching a glimpse.

We anticipate each of these boxes will be inhabited within the year.  Welcome to your new home barn owls!

Owl Box down by the river on the Home Ranch

* This post is dedicated to MV Family member, Sean Nicholson. We love ya Hootie!

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