A few of our Favorite things. . .

  • Bottle Stopper Wicks-This month’s wine club shipment will be delivered with a little gift to light your summer evenings.  We use these Bottle Stopper Wicks out on our patio table and have enjoyed them so much that we wanted to share them.  Put that empty MV bottle to good use with the instructions below:

1. Start with a dry, empty bottle. Fill 3/4 with water, then the remaining 1/4 of the bottle with lamp oil.  NOTE: DO NOT use alcohol or kerosene to fill the bottle.

2. Insert the bottle candle with longer wick end into bottle, and lightly press body of Bottle Candle onto bottle top

3. Adjust wick to desired height (1/2”-1/4”) and let stand in oil 30-60 minutes to allow wick to absorb oil, then light.

  • Osborn Ranch Zinfandel-Look for our first release this fall!   If you’re currently a member of the MV Mix Club or New Release Club, it will be included with your November shipment.   If not, please order by phone: 707-857-9988 & online:www.munsellevineyards.com.   You won’t want to miss out on this special release (only 150 cases produced)—available exclusively to our MV Family!!

  • 2010 MV Family Picking Party-Mark your calendars for October 23, 2010.   More details to come…

We hope you enjoy your recent shipment!  Thanks for checking in and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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